Creative Sound Blaster Z PCIe Gaming Sound Card

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  • It is a voice processor for accelerating audio and voice technologies
  • SBX Pro Studio sound technologies create high levels of audio realism including 3D surround effects for your speakers and headsets

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PCIe Gaming Sound Card

Sound Blaster Z, part of the ultra high-performance Z-Series of Sound Blaster sound cards, is an ideal all-round solution for your PC gaming and entertainment needs. It comes complete with the Sound Blaster Beamforming Microphone for crystal clear voice communication.

Sound Blaster Beamforming microphone

When used with CrystalVoice Focus, the bundled beamforming microphone creates an acoustic zone and suppresses noise outside it, enabling you to be heard with amazing clarity.

Sound Core3D audio processor

The multi-core Sound Core3D audio processor is designed to offload SBX Pro Studio and CrystalVoice effects processing from your primary CPU, improving your overall PC performance, resulting in drastically powerful audio and voice quality.

  • CrystalVoice-Technology
  • Sound Core3D audio processor.
  • SBX Pro Studio technologies.
  • Sound Blaster Beamforming microphone.
  • 116 dB Signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Toggle between your headphone and speaker system with a flip of a switch.
  • Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) support
  • Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect




116 dB Signal-to-Noise ratio

A signal to noise ratio or SNR of 116 dB means your audio will be more than 99.99 per cent pristine, which is over 35.4 times better than motherboard audio.

SBX Pro Studio technologies

SBX Pro Studio sound technologies create unprecedented levels of audio realism, including 3 D surround effects for your speakers and headsets.

High fidelity multi-channel surround

Connect to your home theatre system through a single digital cable and enjoy cinematic DVD movies by transforming any stereo or multi-channel streams into high fidelity immersive surround sound.

Enhanced entertainment audio

Experience the power of Sound Blaster audio. With Sound Blaster Z’s gold-plated connectors, speaker optimisation technology and digital content encoding capability, you can be assured of good digital audio performance.

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