Divoom Timebox evo Pixel Art LED Bluetooth Speaker App Control

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  • 【Multi-functional Gadget to Relieve Boredom】Timebox-evo is Divoom’s 4th generation of Pixel Art Speaker. It rivals a portable speaker, smart radio clock, Pixel Art digital frame and LED panel. The EVO boasts 30+ more options that can enrich your life with this cool magic gadget
  • 【Superior Sound Performance】Thanks to the 6W DSP-tuned speaker and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it delivers impressive sound in its compact and modern body. With its portable and sleek design, enjoy music anytime anywhere

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About Divoom Timebox-Evo

The Most Interesting Portable Speaker

Divoom Timebox-Evo is the 4th generation of the Divoom pixel art speaker. It’s a fine-tuned Bluetooth speaker, a led screen, a pixel art canvas, a smart alarm, and a versatile magic box. Powered by its mobile APP, Timebox-Evo will continue to evolve through its software updates, where it brings more excitements and fun into the daily life. It’s the most interesting and unique portable bluetooth speaker you’ve ever seen.

Strong Bass

Pixel Art Creation

Smart Clock Radio

Portable Design, Rich Sound

Timebox-Evo audio is powered by a 6W DSP-Tuned full range speaker and Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Along with the bass port design, it delivers an impressive sound quality. With its portable design, you will enjoy music with this LED Bluetooth speaker in any occasion such as a party or family gathering.

Create Pixel Art

Create any pixel art animation easily via the Divoom mobile application, or you can convert GIF to display on Timebox-evo. Best of all, you can search your desired design from themassive online gallery, and interact with other pixel art fans around the world.

Radio Alarm Clock

Start your morning with 14 built-in daily alarms. You can customize it with your favorite pixel art animation or lighting effects such as sunrise scenario. It also works as a smart FM radio with 50000+ online radio stations inside. It’s your best bedside companion.

Night Light

DJ Mixer


Beautiful Customized Night Light

Divoom has a customized led screen. It provides numerous lighting effects with 16 million colors. With its music visulizer, light up your party with light-synched music. Or use it as a sleep aid with 24 customizable built-in profiles. It’s also a signboard to display your favorite sport team’s logo, or a message in a rally event.

Entertainment Gadget

Timebox-Evo is also a mini DJ turn tables. 96 different sound effects, 23 independent audio instruments, and record ability. It’s time for you to show off your music talent. It has built-in pixel retro games such as snake, tetric, etc. You will never fed up with this small yet funny gadget.

Social Media Notification

Timebox-Evo is also a personal assistant. When you receive a message on your Facebook, the Timebox-Evo will flash the visual logo to remind you. With the evolving APP, you can enjoy new functions through free software updates. It’s a versitile device.

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