Glorious PC Gaming Race G-Floats for model o and model o- only

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  • Perfect smoothness: G Floats are made from polished ceramic and offer you the most amazing, satisfying and consistent glide for your mouse you’ve ever experienced
  • Ultra durability: Thanks to their unique construction, G floats have an extremely long service life and do not deteriorate easily even with hours of use
  • Effect on mouse pads: G floats work great with Element mouse pads, on Air (hardpad) they reach the highest speed, on Fire and Ice you maximise your mouse control
  • Compatibility: G floats are currently for Glorious PC Gaming Race M use such as model o and o, model d and d erh, they also fit perfectly with Glorious Elements mouse pads
  • Our M use and mouse mats are made for professional gamers and have satisfied millions of players around the world, your old mouse skate with our new G Floats to improve your game and beat every opponent



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