LIFX Lightstrip 2 m, Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Strip, Full Color Zones

33.90 د.ك

  • 2m smart light strip kit – can cut to length or add additional strips later.
  • Rich color combinations, and tunable white for bias lighting – protect your eyes!
  • Polychrome Technology – 16 addressable zones that can animate with LIFX exclusive Effects library.
  • Control: Voice, Scheduling, Scenes, Effects (eg Move), Integrations and fade tools like Apple’s adaptive lighting (coming in 2021), Alexa light alarms or Google Sleep/Wake.
  • Why Wi-Fi? Control from anywhere. No bridge or hub required. (Use 2.4GHz).

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Hands on

The App is simple, but advanced when you need it to be.


…or hands free.

Forget the app and use your voice, schedules, or assistant routines to control the lights while you relax.



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