NEXILI Valo R Portable RGB LED Light 2500K-8500K

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  • Colorful lighting effects for attractive themes on video and photos
  • Adjustable Brightness,Hue and Saturation to achieve vivid colors
  • Swivel arm for desired angle and position
  • Portable pocket size and compact design

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Swivel Arm

Rotate Valo R in the desired direction when mounted on your camera, while still having space to mount another accessory using the built-in hot shoe mount.

3200 mAh Lithium Battery

Charge the built in battery using the USB-C port and provided cable



                        CRI 97+                                                                  HSI Guide                                                           150 LED Beads
High color quality & accuracy.                 Follow the integrated HSI guide to choose             Valo R contains 70 RGB beads and                                                                      the right color you want from 360 options.               80 warm white bi-color beads.


Color Temperature Range



12 Preset Lighting Effects



Compact Design

In the Box:

  1. Valo R RGB Pocket Light
  2. USB-C Charging Cable
  3. Hot Shoe to 1/4″ Male Adapter
  4. Mini Ball Head Mount
  5. User Manual
  6. Warranty Registration Card
  7. Carrying Pouch



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