PodMic Pop Filter

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  • Perfect Audio – Improve the audio quality of noise cancellation and
  • Perfect Filter – Microphone screen porous foam makes it more transparent to muffles higher frequencies pop noise. Blocks out plosives, pop, breath and wind noise.
  • eliminate the background noise. Sound quality is clearer in preforming gaming / podcasting / streaming audio.

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Are you satisfied with built in pop filter on the Rode PodMic?
Do you wish to stops those annoying plosives when speaking?
The YOUSHARES Rode PodMic Pop Filter is sure to please. No more PLOSIVES!

The foam windshield built make it a bit rough and porous. This porous foam makes it more transparent.
Meaning it affect the sound of the mic very little. Muffles higher frequencies on your Rode mics.

Our Rode PodMic Pop Filte Foam cover will not affect the sound of the mic like standard foam screen.
Mic foam windscreen will improve your sound quality of audio projects & perfect show your vocal life.
Microphone pop filter make sure your vioce loud and clear, banish the dreaded hissing and lisping sounds that come when pronouncing the letter “s” and the explosion of air that follows “b” and “p”.
A giant foam sleeve fits like a glove and protects mic from flying spittle.

Product Included:
1 x Foam Wind Screen Cover
Color: Black

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